Signs Your Intuition is Opening Up from Your Shift to a More Plant-Based Diet {Video}

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Here are five signs that your intuition is opening up, which commonly happens when eating a plant-based diet.

Shifting to a plant-based diet can bring many positives changes. One of these incredible changes is the ability to connect with your own intuition.

Here are five signs that your intuition is starting to open up!

1. You are seeing signs.

This could be hearts, feathers, angel numbers, or anything that is repetitive and is drawing your attention.

2. You are getting hunches, gut feelings, and nudges.

When you see these, you are starting to trust that these are gut feelings coming from your intuition.

3. You are feeling more confident and inspired to break from the norm.

Before it might have felt too difficult to do things differently than others, but now you might be feeling more willing and able to pave your own path.

4. You are seeing obstacles as guidance toward something better.

Instead of seeing things as negative, you are seeing these as steering you toward something even better than you imagined.

5. You are trusting all of these intuitive hits.

Before you might not have thought about any of this twice, but now you are trusting this as new, exciting, and a spark of intuition coming through.

I hope you resonated with these signs your intuition is opening up!

For more amazingness, be sure to check out my awaken your intuition meditation! Meditation is a wonderful way to quiet the mind and reconnect with your higher self.

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