An Average Day of Eating on Medical Medium Protocols {Video}

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This post will share an average day of eating on the Medical Medium protocol. Check out a typical day of eating for toddlers too.

From lemon water to celery juice to fat-free mornings, there’s always so many questions on what a day of eating looks like on Medical Medium protocols.

Today, I’m sharing exactly what I eat on a typical day. For specific snacks and brands, check out my product recommendation page.

What I Eat in the Morning

I usually start my day with 16 oz of lemon water followed by 16 oz of celery juice.

After that, I’ll have a 32 oz smoothie for breakfast. I usually will have the heavy metal detox smoothie, but that could vary.

Then, I have a mid-morning snack, which could be fruit, an adrenal snack, or dried fruit.

I try to stay raw and fat-free until noon each day.

What I Eat in the Afternoon

For lunch, I have a huge salad. I usually use a giant mixing bowl and just fill it up. My favorites are cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts, potatoes, and greens.

Then, I usually add onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne powder, lemon juice, and dates.

That’s my go-to salad.

After lunch, I usually do another smoothie. I often do two snacks in the afternoon to get me to dinner.

This can be a smoothie, adrenal snacks, hummus, or rice cakes.

What I Eat in the Evening

Dinners can vary a lot, but often times I eat potatoes in the form of French fries, mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes, baked potatoes – all different kinds of potatoes, including white, yellow, purple, and sweet potatoes.

I love making a veggie chili with lots of beans, stir fry veggies with coconut aminos, rice noodles or another kind of gluten-free pasta with sauce and veggies, vegetable soups, and tacos.

After dinner, I’ll have an adrenal snack, dried fruit, or nice cream.

You’ll want to get a good snack in before you go to bed because it will help you sleep.

This is a typical day, but it does obviously vary. However, this is my norm that I stick to as much as possible.

If I deviate from a typical day, it’s okay because I have a great foundation with this.

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