Surrender to the Flow & Embrace the In-Between {Video}

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Here’s how to surrender to the flow of this in-between time period that falls while we wait for the new year, along with a few card pulls for perspective.

Do you feel like all you want to do is move forward, but the Universe hasn’t let you go yet?

This slingshot analogy is the perfect way to describe these heavy feelings that a lot of us are experiencing between Christmas and New Year’s. Also, known as the holiday blues.

This quiet week is naturally a time of slowing down and going deep within. It’s a time of getting clear with where you want to go in life. The energy you are feeling can be dense and heavy but know that it will clear.

Cracked Open

I pulled a few oracle cards today from Rebecca Campbell’s Star Seed Oracle Deck. The first card was Cracked Open, which is such a timely card pull.

We are being cracked open right now, feeling a lot of feelings that we may have been avoiding. Or, feelings that we didn’t want to deal with.

You might be going through painful circumstances with family, or you might be experiencing new realizations. Or, you might be having really raw emotions. The holidays can definitely bring all of this up.

You are growing and energetically shifting. As this happens, you may have loved ones that are not on the same trajectory. This could have amplified during the holiday season. No matter the timing, that can be really painful.

Yet, the inspiring part is that the earth is a plane of polarity. We can experience a lot of pain, suffering, and darkness. That creates a lot of opportunity for so much light at the other end of the spectrum.

For example, if we’ve experienced a lot of fear, that can lead us toward trust and surrender. If we’ve experienced hurt, we can experience more joy and love.

We need these polarities in order to help us turn our direction toward the light end of the spectrum. This also helps us to call in more light.

Seven Star Sisters

The next card that I pulled was the Seven Star Sisters. We are in this space where we are birthing new versions of ourselves. We are stepping into and becoming new people.

Going through rebirth can be traumatic – just like the miracle of birth. Yet this is the tapestry of life that we weave and we work through.

It’s messy and magnificent.

In physical form, we have access to our senses, which do not exist on the spiritual plane. Lean into those little sensory things that are gifts on earth.

Empathic Star Seed

The last card I pulled was Empathic Star Seed. An empath is someone who can feel other people’s emotions. Sometimes you are born an empath, and you don’t realize you are one.

Pay attention to how you feel around certain people – you could be picking up others’ energy.

Also, make sure as you are doing your work, you are not taking on other people’s energy.

Have clear boundaries on what is yours to heal and shift and what’s not.

Surrender to the Flow

Embrace the surrender, embrace being crack open, and get super clear about what you do want in your life.

You can do this by taking an inventory of what you don’t want, which will help identify what you want to manifest for 2021.

Remember to find gratitude in the little things as we move through this heavy energy. Surrender to the flow of the universe and embrace what you receive. Keep doing your inner work and observing your shadow.

Sending you so much love and healing.


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