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5 Energetic Steps for Growing a 6-Figure Spiritual Business {Video}

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Ready to start or grow your spiritual business? Here are 5 energetic steps that will help boost your spiritual business.

Rachel scaled her heart-centered business to 6 figures in just 2.5 years while working 3 days per week or less.

These results are the work of aligned action and consistent focus on inner healing, not through hustle, not a secret sales strategy, or some special gift. You too have the power to create your dream life, joyfully serving your soul mission. Join me to learn how!

This workshop covers:

  • Common blocks to stepping into your soul work
  • Working with divine feminine power rather than force
  • Manifesting & co-creating through service
  • Releasing fear through shadow work
  • The role of intuition in business decisions

Below are the notes on the workshop, but be sure to watch the video too.

Releasing Energetic Blocks

One of the biggest blocks is worthiness. There are the “too -somethings” and “not-enough-somethings.” For example, I am too old. I’m not smart enough. There’s no way I have enough training and certifications.

This is the world that we are programmed to live in.

However, there is a niche of people who want your energy. You have so much to offer no matter what stage of life that you are in.

We need coaches at all levels of income, of all ages – there’s a unique niche for everyone.

Additionally, we think that we aren’t healed enough, or that we haven’t done enough spiritual things.

Yet, when you are coaching people and selling them a product, the coach or healer only needs to be one notch above her clients. That way, she can reach back and take people to where she is.

If you are too far ahead, they won’t know what you are talking about.

Just know that you are never not enough of something or too much of anything.

Also, there’s worthiness around receiving. This is work that needs to be done in the sacral chakra.

Are you willing to receive support? Money? Compliments? Good feedback?

Watch yourself – where are you deflecting compliments?

Each time you move up a layer in your business, you have to work on worthiness.

Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies

You want to be in your power and not in the energy of force. Force is the negative pull.

When you are in the energy of force, it comes from control or fear.

Think about if you are trying to do too much. Or, are you sitting back in your power and thinking about what is aligned and feels good?

Part of the feminine energy is listening to when you need to rest and recover. There are waves in the energy of productivity and rest; productivity and rest.

We have to be balancing the two. That is healthy and normal to be positively productive in this way.

Taking aligned action means your actions feel good.

You are excited about what is coming.

When the action is, “Ugh, I have to send this email out but I don’t want to do it…” Think about where your vibration is when you take action.

There are also blocks to taking action if you have shadow work to do.

Shadow Work

Your shadow work is observing those shadow aspects of ourselves that we need to integrate. They have always been a part of us and will always be a part of us.

We need to integrate these, rather than deny, block, numb, ignore, shut them down, hate them, or fight with them.

Shadow work could be about worthiness, self-judgment, or working in force rather than listening to your body.

Co-Creating Through Service

This is all about changing your life, changing your frequency, and stepping into power rather than be at the mercy of everyone else.

We are doing the work for ourselves, but we are also doing this work for the collective.

We are helping to shift frequency, as we are all here to shift the frequency of the planet and help pull the collective along.

The work that you are doing is really creating change. It’s a powerful transformation for people.

I love this prayer and it’s been really helpful to me in my service work: Show me, show me, show me. Tell me, tell me, tell me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready.

Role of Intuition in Spiritual Business Decisions

Following your intuition in business is the most important thing in a spiritual business. Don’t follow numbers on paper. Trust and follow your intuition.

Never take a leap of faith based on ego, where you are forcing it. Those decisions have crashed and burned on me.

Yet, when you take an aligned leap of faith, you are rewarded.

Making an Investment to Grow Your Business

Big investments have to feel like a full-body YES. Although, the ego will pop in afterward and question you. Still, your whole body will want to be a part of it.

Come back to the body and see what the body is telling you.

If your whole body is telling you yes (and you have a loose backup plan while you wait for the momentum to come), when you are making the decision for the right reasons, then you trust that the support you need will come.

You can also ask for a sign from the Universe.

Get Support

When you seek support, you are rewarded. I couldn’t have done this alone. Find a mentor or a coach.

There is power in community, sisterhood, and healing of the divine feminine wound.

Women have been taught to be petty, judgemental, put each other down, be in scarcity, be inflammatory, and overly emotional.

Doing this in sisterhood is extremely powerful because you are healing the divine feminine wound for the collective as well.

Your spiritual business is you.

You and the business are the same. It’s a living, breathing extension of who you are, and that’s a fun thing to get to do.

The more you focus on you, the more your business will thrive.

Remember, action steps aren’t about working harder. You have to go deep into your healing work.

Then, you start to send out rockets of desire.

And, know that your desires come from your higher self (when they are of service).

Be sure to check out my Abundant Ascension Business Mastermind, if this has resonated with you!

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