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How To Detox Naturally


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Our bodies are constantly detoxifying. The liver, spleen, lymphatic system & kidneys are primarily responsible for detoxification. Since we have all these systems in place, why would we need to ‘detox’? The reasons are a poor diet, dehydration, and high toxin exposure can overload our systems.

I’ll use the analogy of a swimming pool. If the pool filter gets clogged, the water starts to get murky. If you’re swimming in that water every day, you may not notice how bad it’s getting. You literally can’t see through the haze. You start getting sick and don’t know why. You haven’t changed anything. What you don’t realize is, it’s the toxic water that is giving you ear, nose, & skin infections, digestive issues & respiratory infections. You can take antibiotics and medications to numb the symptoms, but they’ll keep coming back and getting worse each time, unless you clean the pool (detox)!

If the pool has gotten toxic over many years, you’ve got to do a little extra work to get the system back into balance. You must clean the filter (the liver), make sure the water is flowing through the system (hydration), put the right substrates in the proper amounts into the water (nutrients), and make sure some on isn’t dumping garbage in the pool when you’re not looking (heavy metals, pesticides, radiation, pollution, beauty products, plastics, etc.). The same thing goes for your body. If you’re experiencing chronic health issues, odds are you’ve been living with a high toxic burden for a long time and you don’t realize it.

Luckily, you can start to detox your body naturally in very simple ways! No gimmicky programs required. Here’s how to start:

  1. Get hydrated.

    Drink lemon or lime water every day. It is far more powerful for detoxification than plain water. It helps cleanse the liver, kidneys, spleen, thyroid, & gallbladder. Lemons & limes help to purge the toxins we’re exposed to from plastics, synthetic chemicals, radiation, & processed food.

  2. Eat more raw fruits & vegetables.

    Raw fruits & vegetables are hydrating and contain all the nutrients the body needs (yes even protein & healthy fats). They have the highest nutrient content of all the foods in the world, full of antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, & compounds yet to be discovered that support detoxification.

  3. Lower fat intake.

    Lowering fat intake lessens the digestive burden on the liver and frees it up for detoxification. Try to reduce fat intake from meat, eggs, dairy, butter, oil, nuts/seeds, and avocado. Even a 25% reduction is very helpful. If you’re really motivated to detox, you can go fat free for a period of time.

  4. Drink the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie.

    Heavy metals get passed down from generation to generation, unless you take steps to remove them from the body. The heavy metal detox smoothie is designed to do just this with 5 key detox ingredients: barley grass juice powder, cilantro, dulse, spirulina & wild blueberries. Heavy metals in the body are associated with ADHD, autism, Alzheimer’s, depression, anxiety, and more. Get them out! Here is my version of the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie.

  5. Clean up your beauty products.

    Cosmetics, body care products, & perfumes sold in the US are loaded with toxic compounds. There are over 1400 chemicals banned by the European Union due to their questionable or harmful health concerns. All of these are legally allowed into our products in the US. Check out my recommended products page to find safer, cleaner alternatives (that still work great).

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