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How to Embrace Your Role as a Lightworker & Your Intuitive Gifts (Video)

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In this video, Rachel will share her story of unlocking her intuitive gifts and powerfully stepping into her soul mission as a lightworker. She shares her journey to building a 6-figure business in just over 2 years.

In this workshop, Rachel helps you identify if you are a lightworker, answering these questions:

  • What is a lightworker?
  • Are YOU a lightworker?
  • How does intuition work?
  • What are the steps for connecting more deeply to your intuition?
  • How do you turn your light work into a practice that supports a life of freedom?

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Tips for Connecting to Your Intuitive Gifts

Be sure to get reconnected to your intuition and embodiment practices.

Make sure you feel safe and comfortable in your body to allow your intuition to come through.

So often, we have been taught to ignore our bodies’ feelings. We ignore how tired we are, or we ignore how hungry we are.

We need to get back into the body, feeling and addressing what comes up. This is really powerful and disembodies us from trauma.

Invite your intuition to turn on and turn up. A lot of times we don’t listen to our intuition. Or, we write off the subtle signs given to us.

When you are grounded in your body, your intuition can come and talk to you!

Trust, Trust, Trust

On our spiritual journey, many times lightworkers experience more pain than others.

Wherever your point of pain is, the more you follow your intuition and work through it, the more that pain dissipates. And, you move into alignment.

Keep following your soul’s path. If it leads you toward pain, remember that the darker you go, the more space you are creating for light.

Trust that it will pay off for you.

When you use the points of pain as a driver, they are guiding you into your next step.

Really hold the vision of what you want your life to look like.

You can step into this flow where you are in such alignment that things become easy. Manifest what you want and watch it show up.

Keep following that voice from your heart, even if it cracks you open.

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