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Wondering how your energy field is getting cloudy? Rachel explains what is making your energy unclean, along with tools and meditations to help. Having a clean energy field allows you to rely on your own sovereignty, your own soul vibration, and your own intuition. When your energy field is clean, you can easily rely on…(Read More)

This post shares the top tips for dealing with ascension symptoms and raising your vibration during this process of expansion. There are a lot of big shifts happening right now, and our bodies can definitely be feeling it. Right now, we are going through ascension on a personal and collective level. Ascension is the process…(Read More)

Embracing the In-Between

Here’s how to surrender to the flow of this in-between time period that falls while we wait for the new year, along with a few card pulls for perspective. Do you feel like all you want to do is move forward, but the Universe hasn’t let you go yet? This slingshot analogy…(Read More)

roasted potatoes

Holidays can be stressful, especially when you eat differently than others that are gathered around your table. If you are going to someone’s house, you might spend a ton of time preparing food, so you know you’ll have something to eat. Or, maybe you prepare double dishes with healthy versions and not-so…(Read More)

What Your Ascension Symptoms Really Mean

Here’s what your ascension symptoms really mean along with their relation to DNA activation and collective healing. Are you feeling it too? The energy is very intense right now. Many of my clients, friends, family, and I are definitely feeling it. First, there are some pretty wild things going on astrologically. Saturn is in…(Read More)

This post shares how to overcome emotional triggers and what those triggers secretly revealing to you and your healing. “That’s such a trigger for me.” “I always find myself triggered when I see him.” “You shouldn’t have said that – you know that’s a trigger for me.” There’s a lot of heated…(Read More)

This post shares the best books for emotional and spiritual healing, reinforcing the mind-body connection and its power in healing. I love to find out absolutely everything I can about any topic that strikes my interest. Being such an avid researcher, I’ve read dozens and dozens of books on healing. In doing so…(Read More)

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