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Emotional Freedom and Spiritual Sovereignty

Here’s how you can step into your own sovereignty and emotional freedom, regardless of external influences. Sovereignty is when you are in your own power. It is one of the most important spaces to be in. Sovereignty is having the freedom and ability to make decisions within yourself, without external influence. Unfortunately, a lot…(Read More)

Dear Enlightened One Interview

In this interview, Rachel shares her healing journey and how self-compassion is at the heart of it with Dear Enlightened One Creators Hannah and Elizabeth. From her background as a nutritionist in a medical setting to coming into a more holistic space, Rachel stresses the importance of healing all parts of one’s self…(Read More)

Energetics of Body Weight

In this Energetics of Body Weight Workshop, Rachel shares her personal healing story and experience from her 15+ years working with clients as a nutritionist. She also shares the Divine guidance she has received on undesired weight gain & emotional eating. In this workshop, Rachel shares her teaching and personal story, leads a channeled healing…(Read More)

Taking a Leap of Faith

Here’s how to take the leap of faith when you are feeling stuck. You’ll see how creating space for something new is incredibly worthwhile when it comes from your heart and soul. When do you know when it’s time to move on from something? A job, a relationship, a place, an old…(Read More)

How to transcend fear and live your life in enjoyment

Here’s how to transcend fear and starting living in each present moment. Learn why fear is there and how to overcome it in a beautiful, freeing way. Fear is one of the leading things that hold us back. It’s easy to get caught up in fears, especially when we’ve had past traumas…(Read More)

Willpower Vs Alignment

Here’s the true difference between willpower vs alignment – and how to stay in alignment with the Universe without pushing or forcing. Have you ever struggled with the idea that you don’t have enough willpower? It takes so much willpower to eat healthy. It takes so much willpower to get up early and workout…(Read More)

Are you feeling like your world is breaking apart? Here’s how to get through the dark night of the soul in a beautiful, transformative way. A lot of you are in the crumble right now. The crumble can be called many things – the dark night of the soul, great awakening, or spiritual transformation. &nbsp…(Read More)

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