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How I healed myself physically, emotionally, and mentally

This post shares how I healed myself from physical illness and emotional wounds and how you can heal your body and mind too. I have spent the last several weeks in deep healing mode. Sometimes, we need to retreat from the outer noise and go within ourselves to access shadow work and those parts of…(Read More)

This post shares an amazing interview with Andee Love that dives deep into the importance of healing the body and the soul. Many of us silently suffer with physical symptoms stemming from chronic illness. We spend so much time looking for the right way to fix ourselves. From taking all the supplements to doing all…(Read More)

How to Connect Physical and Emotional Healing with Intuition

In this interview with holistic health coach Evonne Britton, I share how connecting physical and emotional healing is profoundly important and how it relates to reconnecting with your own intuition. In discussing connecting physical and emotional healing with holistic health coach Evonne Britton, one powerful message resonates: You are your own greatest healer. My Path…(Read More)

This post shares a guided healing meditation with Archangel Metatron that will further your emotional healing. Several years ago, I took an amazing class that taught me more about the angels. Archangel Metatron was one that caught my attention through his unique name. However, I didn’t give him too much more thought back then…(Read More)

This post will share an average day of eating on the Medical Medium protocol. Check out a typical day of eating for toddlers too. From lemon water to celery juice to fat-free mornings, there’s always so many questions on what a day of eating looks like on Medical Medium protocols. Today, I’m…(Read More)

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