Posts From the monthly archives: "March 2021"
Energetics of Body Weight

In this Energetics of Body Weight Workshop, Rachel shares her personal healing story and experience from her 15+ years working with clients as a nutritionist. She also shares the Divine guidance she has received on undesired weight gain & emotional eating. In this workshop, Rachel shares her teaching and personal story leads a channeled healing…(Read More)

Taking a Leap of Faith

Here’s how to take the leap of faith when you are feeling stuck. You’ll see how creating space for something new is incredibly worthwhile when it comes from your heart and soul. When do you know when it’s time to move on from something? A job, a relationship, a place, an old…(Read More)

How to transcend fear and live your life in enjoyment

Here’s how to transcend fear and starting living in each present moment. Learn why fear is there and how to overcome it in a beautiful, freeing way. Fear is one of the leading things that hold us back. It’s easy to get caught up in fears, especially when we’ve had past traumas…(Read More)

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