Spiritual Business Foundations

Build a legitimate business foundation that supports the growth of your spiritual practice to 6-figures & beyond.

Start with a strong business foundation, so you can focus on serving your clients.

Your job is to focus on doing your light-work, but as you start & grow your practice, you also have to mange the 3D stuff that comes with a business. This is the non-woo-woo part of running a very woo-woo business – taxes, finances, legal aspects, insurance. It can feel confusing, even scary sometimes and annoying to deal with.

Allow me to make it easy! (This is where my practical Capricorn comes in.) This course will give you a clear action plan & checklist to run a legitimate business

This course is for coaches, healers, and spiritual entrepreneurs who want to build a solid business foundation that supports their business expansion & allows them to focus on their craft.

Spiritual Business Foundations covers:

  1. Funding & Start Up
    • How to register your business
    • Naming your business & creating a business plan
    • Funding your business start up
    • Transitioning from another job
  2. Legal Aspects
    • Contracts
    • Liability & insurance
    • Client waivers & releases
  3. Finances & Taxes
    • How to keep your books & manage tax write offs
    • When to hire an accountant
    • Creating an LLC vs filing as a sole proprietor

Outcomes you can expect from investing in your spiritual business growth:

  • Dramatically more confidence & clarity in creating & growing your business
  • Peace of mind that you are operating within the legal bounds of running a business
  • Increased revenue, because you can stay in your zone of genius
  • A business foundation that will you scale your business to 6-figures & beyond

What’s included in the spiritual business course:

  • 3 prerecorded sessions
  • Slides, handouts & clear action plans with checklists for implementation
  • Lifetime access to the course

Pricing for the spiritual business course:

One time payment of $255
Bundle with Spiritual Business Branding for $597 or 4 payments of $177

Course Schedule:

Recordings will drop
Fridays 2/11, 2/18, 2/25
at 2pm EST

There are no refunds on any courses. You are responsible for completing payment plans
regardless of whether you leave the course or do not complete the content in the allotted time.

Hi, I’m Rachel! I’m an Intuitive Business Coach, helping women build profitable, service-based businesses through structure, strategy, & energetics. 

I have a coaching business that I scaled to 6-figures in just over 2 years working 3 days per week or less.

My dream is to put money back in the hands of spiritual women like yourself, so that you have the freedom & support to pursue your healing & share your gifts.

I believe that healing women is the key to healing our children and the collective as a whole.

Your journey to becoming a wealthy, embodied, and spiritual woman will help change the world.

I sincerely hope you will join me on this path.