4-Month Coaching Package

Focus on creating the life you desire, rather than settling for the mundane

Helping women to co-create their dream life

  • Quicker manifestation of your desires – health, wealth, relationships, career
  • Improved confidence & empowerment
  • Learn to move through emotions more quickly & easily – Learn to use the emotions as a powerful guidance tool
  • Find a more grounded, peaceful way of being in the world
  • Experience more emotional freedom
  • Hold better boundaries
  • Heal your physical & emotional bodies
  • Create more joy & happiness in life
  • Connect to your purpose
  • Release blocks & limiting beliefs

The Coaching Package Includes:

Eight 60-minute one-to-one sessions
Unlimited email/messaging support between sessions
Access to Mirror Work Embodiment Classes & all workshops during the package
Access Intuition & Inner Authority Course

Strategies Used:

Embodiment work
Connecting to inner authority
Understanding your unique soul blueprint through Human Design & Astrology

Connect with Rachel

Schedule a 45-minute Discovery Call for $100.
If we decide it’s a good fit, the $100 is credited toward the cost of the package

Hi, I’m Rachel! I’m an Intuitive Coach. I’ve walked this path to create my life & I want to help you create your dream life too! 

In 2013, I left New York City and “the job” I had spent ten years working towards. The job that gave me all the things that promised happiness, the 6-figure salary, pension, profit sharing, ability to work from home, company car, etc., but it was absolutely soul sucking. I was miserable.

Shortly after that, I had to foreclose on a condo that I bought pre-2008 housing market crash. I was devastated, in a dark night of the soul & completely disillusioned with the ‘path to happiness’ that I had diligently dedicated myself to.

That’s when my Spiritual journey began. I started to seek a better way, true freedom, joy & abundance that comes from aligning your actions with the desires of your higher self (not what someone else tells you creates happiness, security, & joy).

After years of working this process, I have truly created the life I dreamed of 5 years ago, the house, the car, the income, the freedom, the relationship, but MUCH more importantly, the satisfaction, joy, love, support & connection to my intuition & higher self.

I’ve learned a whole lot about co-creation through this process and now I want to share it with you. After all of my experience, I know how to shorten the learning curve and bring your desires into reality much more quickly.

I sincerely hope you will join me on this path. Let’s get you your dream life too!