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Sacred Chakra Healing Certification

Next Course Will Run in 2022

This is an 8-week certification for lightworkers who desire to develop their intuitive abilities for healing – whether for self-healing or to develop soul-family clients.

This course will empower you to step into your role as a lightworker, giving you the confidence to embody your gifts and share them with the many souls in need. It’s not your job to fix, save or change anyone. You don’t have to have all the answers.

Your role as a lightworker is to guide individuals into the knowingness of their own truth, to bring them back home to connection with the perspective of their higher selves.

The Sacred Chakra Healing Certification will teach you how to do this!

The Sacred Chakra Healing Certification Includes:

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This Course Will Help You:

  • Awaken & develop your intuitive abilities to read the chakras – claircognizance, clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience
  • Connect with Spirit Guides, Angels & Ascended Masters
  • Take a deep dive into understanding the chakras & energy channels in the body
  • Practice energy healing techniques 
  • Learn how to safely hold space for yourself & clients
  • Understand energy exchange & how to attract soul family clients
  • Support your own healing & ascension process
  • Add tools to your healing repertoire that you can use to create a profitable healing business

To receive the Level 1 Chakra Certification, you must:

  • Complete 5 chakra reading & energy healing practice sessions
  • Submit one 20-minute chakra reading & energy healing practice video for review
  • Complete & submit one of the journaling exercises for a chakra of your choice

Please note that you don’t have to apply for the certification to participate in the course. You are welcome to participate in the course and not pursue the certification aspect.

Embody Your Divine Gifts & Step Into Your Role as Lightworker

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