Manifesting Through Shadow Work

Group calls Mondays 2-3:15pm EST*
10/25, 11/1, 11/15, 11/22 (Last one is a 2-hour class)

Odds are you’ve heard of manifesting or co-creating with the Universe. This is a powerful process that helps you embody your inner power to change your external world.

One thing I find that most teachings on manifestation or co-creation miss, is working through the limiting beliefs and energetic blocks that prevent us from truly stepping into the life of our dreams.

Witnessing and moving past these blocks is key to creating lasting, joyful change in our lives.

In this course, I will guide you safely & compassionately into your shadow, waking you up to the truth of the power that lies in your darkness.

*If you can’t make it live, a replay will be emailed each week.

You’ll learn to:

  • Do shadow work safely & hold space for yourself
  • Why shadow work is critical for healing, growth & manifesting your desires
  • Remove fear from shadow work – integrating & embracing the shadow aspects rather than trying to get rid of or run from them
  • Manifest from the shadow – using polarities as a powerful driver of change
  • Use Divine Feminine energy to access the shadow by releasing the obsession with doing and productivity – dropping into the frequency of your inner Creatrix.
  • Use successful long-term tools for working with the emotional body

I’ve noticed a huge shift in my energy. I’m calm, peaceful, flowing, and I’m feeling so full!

Stephanie, Sacred Chakra Course

The Manifesting Through Shadow Work Course Includes:

4 Teachings & Healings

1 Month of Support

Sisterhood Group Chat

Powerful Journal Prompts

Rachel is amazing! She’s done this. She’s been through it. Working with her has been a complete joy and the most healing time of my life. I’ve gone through some of my deepest darkest wounds, and if I wasn’t working with Rachel, it wouldn’t have happened as quickly. Your life will shift in amazing ways!

Lauren, Abundant Ascension Mastermind

Rachel teaches in a powerful, uplifting manner. You will leave each class feeling more aligned with your truth, more empowered and more optimistic about your future.

You will fall more deeply in love with all aspects of yourself, particularly the aspects of yourself that you deem imperfect.

First Session

Nonjudgmental Self-Observation & Radical Self-Honesty

Holding space for yourself & dark night of the soul

Second Session

What the Emotions Are & Why We Have Them

Returning to the emotions as our guidance system

Third Session

Cleansing the Emotional Body & Energy Field

Tools for healing: embodiment practices, journaling, crystals & essential oils

Fourth Session

Ritual Ceremony & Co-creation SoulFlowTM 

Special two-hour class

I feel this intense energy that has been a celebration and rejoicing and this deep sigh of relief that I am rising. I’ve come through all this heavy dark shadow, and I’m on the other side feeling in relationship with my body, my hummingbirds, my home, and dreaming about what I want to create in my life. 

Anonymous, Sacred Chakra Course

Hayley’s Story of Working with Rachel

Thank you so much for your amazing workshops these past two weeks! I feel so inspired by you, and it feels amazing to connect in this way, it reminds me of the power of sisterhood and makes me want to cultivate and share more of it! I felt so full of love during the meditation, and compassion for myself and everyone. So much more goodness that is helping me too! Feels like new integration, new excitement, new growth.

Nikki, Chakra Workshops