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How to Move Forward When You Feel Like the Universe is Testing You {Video}

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Do you feel like the Universe is testing you? Here’s how you can move forward leaps and bounds into co-creating what you really want.

Often I hear the following from clients and followers: “I just made a decision and now I feel like I’m being tested.” 

The idea of being tested holds a bit of a negative connotation. Everything is energy, and the energy behind being tested feels negative. 

Being tested feels like you made a choice, and now you’ll have to suffer through consequences and painful things in order to prove it’s what you want.

There’s almost an attack energy.

Changing Your Perspective

As an ascension coach, I want to always shift you into the higher, more compassionate view of what you are experiencing.  

Certainly, when you make a tough or big decision, there are those moments where you say, “Oh sh*t, what did I just do?”

I want to invite you to shift your perspective of the Universe testing you to the Universe asking you questions. 

If the universe is asking you questions, the energy feels more inviting. 

Whereas, being tested feels scarier and like you have to have all the answers.

Maybe the Universe is asking you questions because you have not been ultra-clear in deciding what it is you want. Maybe you haven’t been truly feeling into what it is you want. 

Remember, as the Universe is asking you questions, you do not have to say less to anything less than what you want. 

Questions from the Universe

Let’s say you made a decision to leave your job and start a spiritual business. Of course, you are going to have a lot of fears and questions when you leave your job. 

Let’s say as soon as you quit, another job offer comes up. An amazing job offer. Except it’s for almost the same job you just left but with a more established company.

This is when you might feel tested. You might feel challenged or tricked. Yet, they are just questions. 

This is the Universe saying, “What do you want? You haven’t told me yet.”

This could also apply to leaving a relationship or any kind of career decision, moving to a new part of the country, or buying a new home.

The Universe is saying:  

Do you want your old job in a new setting? 

Do you want your old relationship with a new person? 

Would you like your old living circumstances in a new house? 

Do you want a different version of the same thing?

Dig Into the Fears

When you make the initial decision, fears will come up. They might be money fears, safety fears, fears of lack, etc. 

You want to go into these fears. These are the shadow aspects that you want to address. 

What did your parents teach you about lack? 

What does society teach you about the safety and security of working for a big corporation? 

Perhaps you have fears you won’t be supported. Or, maybe you have fears that you will be alone. 

What are the stories wrapped up in what you are feeling? 

Dig into those fears. Then, as the Universe starts presenting you with opportunities, remember that you are not going to say yes to something that is a 5/10 for you. 

You are only going to say yes to something that is 100% what you want, even if you don’t have another revenue source lined up. 

Make It Clear What You Want

Tell the Universe what you want. Get ultra-clear on it. Write it down on a list or in your journal.

Then, stay true to what you want. That means to also say no to the things that don’t align. 

Leaving a Corporate Big-City Job

As a personal example, I left a corporate NYC job and came to Rhode Island for a fresh start. A little while after, I got a really amazing job offer, managing the biggest team of dieticians in RI. 

On paper, this was the best offer possible. 

Yet, when I got the job offer, I cried. It was going to be extremely demanding, the benefits were horrible, there were only two weeks of vacation, and it was a long commute. 

Was the Universe testing me? 

No, it was asking me a question. 

Do you want the same experience of a soul-sucking corporate job in RI instead of NY?

My ego said that there was a great title attached to it. 

My soul said no way.

I said no, and I did not have another plan lined up. 

Crazily enough, that decision is what led me to this business. 

That decision to say no to a bigger salary has led me to much more sovereignty, more income, fewer hours, and really joyful work. I absolutely love what I do. I get to talk to soul sisters who are aligned with my mission all day. 

At the time, I had no idea how I was going to get here. I had no clue my dream would extend to where it is today. 

As you are going through your journey, pay attention to how the emotional reaction is part of your body speaking wisdom to you. 

Feeling Like the Universe Is Testing You Take-Aways

Listen to what your body and soul are saying is the right path for you.

Keep going with your gut, and the answers will come to you. 

After you make big decisions, you may feel like the Universe is testing you. It’s not. These are the questions coming to you to help clarify the energy. This is so the Universe can move and serve you what you want. 

You have to be willing to say no to what you don’t want many times.

Believe that you aren’t being tested or challenged. You are being presented with options, and you get to say yes or no. 

Every time you say no, you open doors to potentials that are more closely aligned to what you want. These potentials are even more expansive than what you knew was available. 

Remember to wait until things really feel right. 

Co-Creating Your Life

You are being given endless options. You are a profoundly powerful co-creator of your own reality, along with God, Source, your higher self, and you can co-create the life of your dreams. 

Continue to make those decisions that align with your soul. Keep coming back to faith and trust that what you desire is out there and part of your journey.

And, say no to anything less than what you want. You will not say yes to 90% of what you desire. 

You will only say yes to things that match 100% of your desires.

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