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How to Use Self-Compassion to Get Through Dense Emotions {Interview}

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In this interview, Rachel shares her healing journey and how self-compassion is at the heart of it with Dear Enlightened One Creators Hannah and Elizabeth.

From her background as a nutritionist in a medical setting to coming into a more holistic space, Rachel stresses the importance of healing all parts of one’s self.

Rachel’s Interview

Many people trying to heal address the physical part and not the emotional or spiritual aspects.

They find themselves not getting better no matter how strict they were with food or supplements.

Rachel started bringing in more holistic modalities to her healing journey and her practice and started to witness amazing transformation.

Rachel shares how her niche is to combine spirituality, nutrition, and science in a way that’s holistically healing her clients.

Dense Emotions

Emotions can feel difficult to navigate because we have this huge backlog of them. Everyone is carrying so much emotional baggage.

If you are already brimming with dense emotion, then one little thing is a huge explosion of emotion.

That’s not how emotion is meant to be used.

We are supposed to let our emotions be strong and powerful, but then move through them, allowing them to guide us.

When we have a certain behavior or pattern that we are trying to change, such as emotional eating or angry outbursts, it comes down to not trying to change behavior but getting down to the root of the emotion.

When you utilize self-compassion and self-observation in a non-judgmental way, you can see that you are in grief, sadness, fear, etc.

Then, you can start to work with these emotions, figuring out where they came from (childhood, limiting beliefs, generational, or not part of your consciousness).

When we get down to the root of the emotion, our behaviors and patterns start to change.

The process of healing becomes more graceful and less about restriction and control.

Observing Yourself with Compassion

When you find yourself in a space where you are feeling emotions come up, the trick is to take a step back and witness yourself.

Don’t try to change it, control it, or punish it. Acknowledge the fear, loneliness, or whatever emotion pops up.

Journaling is very powerful. Essential oils are wonderful. Walking meditations are amazing.

Prayer is incredible – ask for help working through it.

When you can witness yourself from self-compassion, you learn to hold space for yourself. Then, you can access those emotions in a safe way, so you can work through them.

Emotions Are a Guidance System

Emotions have turned into these negative things, but really they are a guidance system. A tool to help us make decisions.

When we can start to make peace with these emotions and love ourselves no matter what space we are in, we automatically raise our vibration and start to attract the change we wish to see.

This is your shadow work. It is dense and painful because a lot of old emotion is trapped.

The deeper you go into your shadow work, the more painful it is – but then the more space you are creating for more light in your system.

Think about:

  • What are your shadow sides?
  • What are your traumas?
  • Where are you being triggered?
  • Where are you turning to coping mechanisms that aren’t so healthy?

When you feel yourself in the crumble, or deep in your shadow work, remember that you will move through it.

You’ll create more space for light and raise your vibration.

Be sure to watch the whole interview (above) for more!

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