IQAir Certified HealthPro Plus 3-Filter Replacement Bundle [PreMax F8, V5-Cell Gas & Odor Control, HyperHEPA – Medical-Grade Air] Swiss Made


The PreMax Pre-Filter is the first stage in the HealthPro Series filtration process. This filter eliminates coarse and fine particles such as pollen, pet dander and mold spores. The two-stage V5-Cell Gas and Odor Filter uses dual media to filter a wider spectrum of volatile organic compounds (the cause of odors) and other harmful chemical vapors. The HyperHEPA Filter is the final stage in the HealthPro Series filtration process. The HyperHEPA eliminates fine and ultrafine particles, including bacteria, viruses and vehicle exhaust particles. The clean air is then expelled through the EvenFlow diffuser and distributed throughout the room. PLEASE NOTE: the lifespan of each of these 3 filters is very different. This 3-pack is a specialist purchase. We recommend than under normal circumstances, IQAir filters are ordered one at a time, as needed.
Complete set of 3 replacement filters for the IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier
PreMax Pre-Filter eliminates particles such as pollen, pet dander & mold spores
V5-Cell Gas & Odor filter eliminates VOCs & other harmful chemical vapors
HyperHEPA filter is up to 100X more effective than standard HEPA
CFC-free materials are safe & environmentally friendly