A 3-Week Virtual Group Course for Parents Healing Kids with Medical Medium Protocols

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July 19th - August 8th

Join Rachel Pelisson, Nutritionist & Intuitive Healer, as she guides you to successfully implement Medical Medium Protocols with your children.

Healing our children should feel easy and aligned with their wishes. While we cannot protect them from all pain or control everything they eat, we can guide, educate, and model healthful behaviors. We must honor our children’s autonomy in navigating their own life’s path.

With these principles in mind, Rachel will teach you how to implement Medical Medium Protocols into your family, in a gentle and supportive way. Healing should not create chaos, discord, or angry outbursts in your home.

Healing your family should feel positive, loving, and relaxed. The Universe supports your wishes for a healthy family. When you step out of the way and follow your intuition, miraculous healing can happen (even with pizza & ice cream parties every weekend!).

What You Get in the Course

All course content, lives, and Q&A sessions will be shared via a Private Facebook Group. All you need is a free Facebook profile.

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Course Outline

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You Can Heal!

What You'll Gain

Meet Rachel

Rachel Pelisson, MS, RDN, CHC is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Health Coach & Intuitive Healer. Rachel has been practicing nutrition for over 13 years. Her practice is fully committed to treating clients with the healing protocols from Medical Medium, Anthony William. Rachel has a unique ability to blend science with spirituality to promote healing of body, mind & spirit. Read more about Rachel here.

What clients say about working with Rachel...


“Rachel, I just felt a huge need to say thank you for offering the Healing with Food course. I have learned so much in 4 days from your materials and 2 sessions. More than that, I’ve had a couple of epiphanies about my healing journey, particularly as it relates to emotional healing and it’s all due to your wonderful, inspired insight.”

“I love that Rachel is human about making change!! There was zero judgement and it didn’t seem overwhelming. She connected with me on a personal level. She was understanding that change isn’t going to happen overnight and gave great healing examples. She also listened to everything I said & came up with a personal approach based on what would work best for my illness.”

“Thank you again for your spiritual guidance and support. Your class is speaking to me on so many levels. You have made all the difference in my healing and I can honestly say you are the answer to my prayers for extra guidance. It’s tough to navigate the Medical Medium realm, even with all the info out there, and with your help, I’ve managed to tie it all into a perfect bow of healing.”

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