Spiritual Chakra Reading

During an intuitive reading, Rachel goes into a high vibration meditative state, where she channels information intended to activate your highest healing potential.

Chakra Readings Include:

  • Chakra Reading – The 7 major chakras are examined for energetic imbalances and energy leaks.
  • Energy Healing – Used to help restore balance as needed. Techniques include grounding, energetic toxic heavy metal removal, chakra balancing, “seeding” of new energetic patterns, DNA activation, energy vacuuming, and aura protection.
  • Divine Messages – Guardians, angels and passed loved ones may also come through to share messages that support healing.
  • Body Scan – Areas of the body will “light up” that are calling for healing or have important messages to share.

If you’re looking for more support than a single reading, need to make a lot of changes, or have a number of issues to heal, check out the “Get Started” page to see if a 6 month package is a better fit for you.

Schedule a Chakra Reading

  1. Choose whether you would like a zoom or phone session.
  2. Select your time zone and select your appointment date.
  3. Fill in your information, and make your payment.