Intuition & Inner Authority Course

Connect with Your Higher Self & Trust Your Inner Wisdom

Starts the week of April 4th

What to Expect in Intuition & Inner Authority

This 4-week group course will empower you to connect with your higher self and trust your inner wisdom. Your higher self is always trying to guide you to joy, abundance & emotional freedom. ALWAYS. Unfortunately, most of us have lost touch with our intuition & don’t trust our inner authority. This course will help you embody that inner wisdom and use it to co-create your desires.

The collective is evolving from a place of external authority, where government officials, religious leaders, parents & other power figures told us what is right & wrong. They told us how to behave, what to wear, what to eat, how to work & raise our children. No longer.

We’re moving into the age of light, where inner authority rules, where our connection to Source is direct. We no longer need external sources to teach us or tell us. We create the joyful life experience & expansion we desire from the guidance our Higher Self sends through the body.

Let’s tap into that wisdom together!

This course will guide you to:

  • Feel more peaceful, grounded, embodied & emotionally free
  • Gain confidence in making choices (even big scary choices)
  • Learn to interpret the language your body speaks
  • Learn to access your own intuition, so you no longer outsource your power to others
  • Become more empowered in receiving your desires

The course includes:

  • Activities & meditations to connect you to your body’s language
  • Intuitive exercises to help you connect to your Higher Self
  • Group messaging support between calls
  • Lifetime access to the course & replays
  • Option to add a private Human Design Reading to go deeper into understanding your unique inner authority

Course Format & Schedule

4 live group calls
April 4th-25th
Mondays 3-4pm EST
Replays are emailed within 24 hours if you can’t make it live

Early Enrollment Pricing

$444 or 4 monthly payments $111
Add on a Human Design Reading for an additional $222

If you’d like to add on the Human Design Reading, you will be prompted at check out after you’ve entered your credit card information.

There are no refunds on any courses. You are responsible for completing payment plans
regardless of whether you leave the course or do not complete the content in the allotted time.

Hi, I’m Rachel, an Intuitive Coach. I help women co-create their dream lives & businesses through embodiment, inner wisdom & energy healing.

I am a highly empathic intuitive and have been coaching for over 17 years. Combining my psychic abilities with practical strategies for physical, mental & emotional wellness, I am able to take a truly holistic approach to empowering women to co-create abundance, joy & freedom in all areas of life.