Fear is the Key

How Fear is the Key to Unlocking the Next Version of Yourself


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None of us like it when fear shows up; however, fear is key to unlocking the next version of ourselves. Fear is a teacher, and when we work with it and welcome it, we can really transform. Be sure to check out my previous post on shadow work.

A lot of you are on the cusp.

You are on the precipice of making a move that is going to be a complete and total transformation.

It’s going to create the things you desire. Whether that’s a business, a relationship, a move, or a new job.

You are on the cusp. You get so close to the edge where you are about to take a leap of faith, and fear pops in.

Fear is the Key to Transformation

Fear tells you to turn around and go to the safe place, even if you hate that safe place.

Even if we are in depression or anxiety in that place, it feels familiar. The ego, or fear, wants you to turn around.

Yet, fear is the key that unlocks the door to the next version of yourself, to your next up-level.

Change Comes with Fear

You have to have fear or you aren’t making a change. You are just repeating what you already did.

When that fear pops up, say, “Thank you for giving me the key to my transformation.”

Without fear, you are staying in the same room, the same frequency, the same energy.

Fear is what unlocks the next version of you.

But you have to look at the fear, work with it and welcome it.

I had a fear that I was going to launch this program, and no one was going to sign up. It was really eating at me and wearing me down.

Going Down the Fear Path

What I recognized was that I needed to go down that fear path.

So, I went down the path. I thought, if no one signs up, I would have a huge income gap. I would feel depleted by putting something out there that is a piece of my heart and soul, and I don’t get an energetic return on that. That’s a bummer. I would have to work through those emotions that come up.

Where do my thoughts go next? I jump into the thought of losing my income or my house, but the story doesn’t go that far for me.

Instead, my thoughts pivot. I need to redirect. I will create a new offering. Or, I will throw out a special, and I’ll make up that income gap.

That’s as far as it goes for me. I’ve worked through this fear already so much.

I know how successful I am and will be. I know the power that I have.

Alos, I know how transformative the work that I do is. I know how to transform myself, and I will continue to.

I will continue to transform women at higher and higher levels.

So, the fear doesn’t go that deep.

How Deep Does Your Fear Go?

You are right on the edge, and fear is trying to stop you.

How far down does that fear go?

If you take this next step, does your whole life fall apart?

Go there.

Spend some time in it.

That’s the only way to get unstuck and to move to the next version of yourself.

Be grateful when that fear shows up because that’s where you do your healing.

Transformation is made in the shadows.

The phoenix burns her nest down and lights herself on fire before she flies up and rises. The caterpillar completely liquefies before she becomes a butterfly. It’s not pretty in there.

The fear does not rule my decisions. It does not take over. It gets me sometimes. I have to feel it and get into it, but it doesn’t turn me around. No matter how dark it seems.

You can do this too. I can guide you through it.

Let’s go there. Let’s transmute it. And, let’s burn it down. My soul has been through all of it.

I guide women through this every day. I guide myself through it every day.

Take that leap and unlock the door.

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