Posts From the monthly archives: "February 2021"
Willpower Vs Alignment

Here’s the true difference between willpower vs alignment – and how to stay in alignment with the Universe without pushing or forcing. Have you ever struggled with the idea that you don’t have enough willpower? It takes so much willpower to eat healthy. It takes so much willpower to get up early and workout…(Read More)

Are you feeling like your world is breaking apart? Here’s how to get through the dark night of the soul in a beautiful, transformative way. A lot of you are in the crumble right now. The crumble can be called many things – the dark night of the soul, great awakening, or spiritual transformation. &nbsp…(Read More)

Here’s how to truly prioritize self-care in a powerful way that affects your internal and external worlds, helping you to get out of your head and make great strides in your healing. Self-care is quite a buzz word. However, it is largely misunderstood. Self-care isn’t when a busy mom is…(Read More)

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