Posts From the monthly archives: "November 2020"

This post shares how to overcome emotional triggers and what those triggers secretly revealing to you and your healing. “That’s such a trigger for me.” “I always find myself triggered when I see him.” “You shouldn’t have said that – you know that’s a trigger for me.” There’s a lot of heated…(Read More)

This post shares the best books for emotional and spiritual healing, reinforcing the mind-body connection and its power in healing. I love to find out absolutely everything I can about any topic that strikes my interest. Being such an avid researcher, I’ve read dozens and dozens of books on healing. In doing so…(Read More)

This post shares how to heal spiritually through raising your vibration, which ultimately is the path to ascension. Picture yourself stuck in a forest. All you can see are trees. It’s dark, cold, and the trees look enormous. At times, you feel scared and wonder what’s around the corner. Now picture yourself rising…(Read More)

How to overcome emotional blocks

This post shares how to identify and clear emotional blocks yourself and how this can profoundly accelerate your healing. You can change your story. You do not have to carry around old baggage. Think about the life that you want – the life you were meant to have, without your old story following you. When…(Read More)

macaroni and cheese,kids favourite dish , on a blue little childish clay pot with vegetables on background,MORE DELICIOUS FOOD ON PORTFOLIO

This is the most amazing plant-based mac and cheese recipe! It’s easy to make, it’s super healthy, and it’s so delicious that the whole family will love it! Everyone loves an amazing baked mac and cheese. It’s the dish that goes first at every get-together, a frequently-ordered side…(Read More)

This post shares how to overcome your self-limiting beliefs that you’ve engrained and start manifesting the life you’ve desired. I’m too old. I’m too sick. I am not educated enough. I could never make that much money. Does your inner dialogue sound anything like this? This isn’t just innocent…(Read More)

Mushroom Soup

This post shares how to make easy and healthy mushroom soup without cream. This mushroom soup is perfect for all diets, as it is dairy-free, grain-free, and low-fat. Did you know that you can make an entirely delicious mushroom soup without any kind of cream? This healthy mushroom soup is cream-free…(Read More)

This post shares how eating healthy should be joyful. You can heal through the power of nutrition, but be careful of negative emotions because they affect your health. Remember the Marie Kondo phase a few years back? Everyone went crazy going through their belongings, feeling into whether or not those items brought them joy. &nbsp…(Read More)

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