Posts From the monthly archives: "April 2019"

Rachel Pelisson interviews Dr. Ginny Orenstein about her healing journey and how she has healed from rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and brain tumors. This is an incredible healing story! Be sure to check out other healing stories too. Ginny shares her healing story, including how she has healed from chronic illness. She was misdiagnosed for 12…(Read More)

Energizing Tropical Smoothie

Here’s a recipe for the best energy-boosting tropical smoothie! Be sure to check out my sleep smoothie too! This tropical energy-boosting smoothie is not only delightful but is extremely healthy. Refreshing and delicious, this green smoothie is my current favorite! Many times, smoothies are packed with powders, milk, and yogurt, making them…(Read More)

Here’s a recipe for plant-based twice baked potatoes that is easy and “cheesy!” Potatoes are absolutely delicious. They are a powerful food for healing, but most don’t realize that. Potatoes are usually covered in all kinds of things – cheese sauces, sour cream, bacon. Those unhealthy toppings give the potato a bad rap…(Read More)

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