Posts From the monthly archives: "May 2018"
garlic tahini dressing

Looking for a healthy dressing? Here’s how to make a garlic tahini dressing that tastes amazing! If you are looking for a healthy dressing made of whole foods, I’ve got the recipe for you! Not only is this one of my favorite dressings, but the combination of sweet, salt, and creamy makes it…(Read More)

roasted potatoes

Here’s the recipe for crispy yet oil-free roasted potatoes. Many people mistakenly think potatoes are not a healthy food. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Potatoes usually have all kinds of toppings that get loaded onto the potato. this is what makes them not healthy. Yet, these oil-free roasted potatoes…(Read More)

lemon or lime water

We always hear about the importance of drinking water. Yet, did you know that all water isn’t the same?! To get the most out of your water, you want to make it living again. When you add lemon or lime to water, it activates the water. This makes it a living fluid again. This…(Read More)

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